Test & Validation

See how we test our products

We have vigorously tested all of products in our state-of-the-art product development and production facilities, for several thousand cycles to meet the customer's needs.

  • Shock resistance
  • Vibration endurance
  • Leak and pollution test
  • Tear off test
  • Rotary flexure test
  • Junker test
  • Torque test
  • High temp cycle endurance
  • All other required tests

Futhermore, JPB Système Lockwire Anti-Rotational Devices have been indstry proven and in service for aver 10 years.

Here is an abstract of testing process

Shaking Table Test

Sinus Test 3Hz at 4000Hz
Level 1G at 100G cc
Sweep : 2 octaves/min

  • On the right: a classic plug (without JPB Système's Lockwire Anti-Rotational Device) torque by hand.
  • On the left: a JPB Système's Lockwire Anti-Rotational Device NOT torqued, Locking Tabs just engaged (Worst Condition).

Simulation of Fan Blade Off (FBO) event

Abstract of ELS and ELS light shaking table test.
Test under pressure : 5080 psi - 350 Bar.

Self-locking test

The plug will automatically lock on the second turn if the first one failed

Endurance Test
Resonance frequency of the spring

This is the most critical frequency. We run the shaking table at 525 Hz with acceleration 50G cc.
Note: The resonance phenomenon is visible with the stroboscope light.
Result: More that 3 million of cycles passed with success.

Rotary flexure test

Test Specifications
Aero fluid : MIL-H-5606-F @ 350 bars
CRES 347 fitting
Rotary speed : 1420 TPM
Product tested : LULYLOK™ CRES 347 B-nut (-06)

Succeed test
Seating torque : 88.5 in-lb [10 Nm]
Minimum torque without leakage in static

  • No leakage from the outset of the test.
  • No leakage after 11 hours of test.

Product Lines

JPB Système offers a wide spectrum of Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices, which are based on our industry proven patented technologies.

Customer Support

JPB Système strives for complete customer satisfaction by designing and developing specific devices for unique needs and specifications.

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