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R&D Division

Within its Research and Development division, JPB Système develops specific devices and offers efficient and reliable solutions following the customer's requirements.

Thanks to our know how, we provide total service from the conception to the delivery including the development of the prototype manufacturing and the testing of our product.

Over 20 years of experience allows the company to provide its customers with efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions with a wide range of products.

R&D Keywords


Since the begining of JPB Système, 7 internationals patents are registered including 4 within the last 3 years.
The French Institute of Intellectual Property confirmed our continuing of innovation by awarding JPB-Système the best SME innovater for 2012.


JPB Système has a team of engineers which use the latest technologies of CAD software for designing. We are always improving designs and functionality of our cutting edge products in a fast paced industry.
We are able to work on several CAD files extensions (ie : .iges, .x_t, .step, ...).

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

JPB Système has the capability to simulate their products, to evaluate the design performance and improve quality and safety. With its large industrial experience, JPB Système can offer efficient, reliable and competitive solutions for all sort of assembly problems.

Test & Validation

We have vigorously tested all of products in our state-of-the-art product development and production facilities, for several thousand cycles to meet the customer's needs.

Product Lines

JPB Système offers a wide spectrum of Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices, which are based on our industry proven patented technologies.

Customer Support

JPB Système strives for complete customer satisfaction by designing and developing specific devices for unique needs and specifications.

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