Self-Locking Borescope Plug

Safe and Secure Seal for the Various Borescope Parts

A self locking plug provides a safe and secure seal for the various borescope inspection ports placed around the turbine engine case for borescope inspection of the engine

At JPB Système, we offer a creative and effective lockwireless solution to the current issues associated with borescope plugs.

Simple, Efficient and Cost saving in maintenance

JPB Système’s Borescope plugs are very simple and efficient. They completely replace the safety cable or lockwire, increasing efficiency by the use of standard tools and drastically reducing downtime; human error and overall risks.

  • Self-locks during assembly
  • Standard tools - No training need
  • Highly reusable
  • Retrofit solution
  • Improves maintainability
  • Reduces maintenance cycle line
  • Security for the technician by reducing risk
  • Reduction of seating torque
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How does it work

Borescope Plug’s Applications

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JPB-Système can completely customize and design its borescope plugs to fit your specific engine needs. Retrofit's Solutions are possible depending on the application. (i.e.: for the CFM56-5B and CFM56-7 product).

Plugs are easily adapted to areas where it is complicated to use lock wire and are available for any stage of the engine.

For more details about the engine equipped by JPB Système borescope plugs, please see our References page

How we test our borescope plugs

Pot Vibrant
Mesure Couple

Our self-locking borescope plugs were extensively tested for :

  • Shock resistance
  • Vibration endurance
  • Leak and pollution test
  • Torque test
  • High temp cycle endurance
  • All other required tests

Our engineers test our product in house and in the field with our customers on many engines.

Here is an abstract of testing process

Shaking Table Test

Sine Test 3Hz at 4000Hz
Level 1G at 100G cc
Sweep : 2 octaves/min

  • On the right: a standard plug (without JPB Système's Lockwire Anti-Rotational Technology) torque by hand.
  • On the left: a JPB Système's Lockwire Anti-Rotational Technology NOT torqued, Locking Tabs just engaged (Worst Condition).

Endurance Test

Resonance frequency of the spring

This is the most critical frequency. We run the shaking table at 525 Hz with acceleration 50G cc.
Note: The resonance phenomenon is visible with the stroboscope light.
Result: More that 3 million of cycles passed with success.

Self-locking test

The plug will automatically lock on the second turn if the first one failed