The Product Lines

Our Product Lines

JPB Système offers a wide spectrum of Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices, which are based on our industry proven patented technologies.
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Self Locking Plugs


Fluid connection fittings

Self Locking Fittings

Self Locking Fasteners

Push Locking System

Machining & Special Assembly

Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices

JPB Système’s elite product lines are designed, machined and assembled in house at our state-of-a-the-art facilities. This provides our customers with the highest level of innovation and quality. The simplicity of use, longevity and quality of the product increase cost effectiveness and safety.

All of the self-locking devices are designed to endure extreme conditions generated by vibration, extensive temperatures and chemical effects. All of our products can be ordered in different sizes and in a variety of materials such as : Waspaloy / Inconel / Titanium / Stainless Steel / Polymers (PEEK, PPS…) / …

These patented products can be integrated in new and retrofit applications such as : plugs, borescope plugs, nut, shaft, clamps, ducting, links, chip detector, fluid/gas fitting and a unique series of initiatives.

Specific needs ?

JPB Système’s has a team dedicated to study specific needs from customers. They can propose some solution shortly.

If the solution proposed is pre-accepted, a prototype could be manufactured in house and send to the customer to help the customer decision. This way, the lead time of your project is heavily reduced !

Contact directly the R&D dept. by sending a message :