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Specialist of Self-locking devices

Beginning 1993, JPB Système has studied, mastered and developed an elite set of ready to use Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices. These self-locking devices have been designed and destined for the aeronautic and aerospace industries, and have applications accross the automotive, railways, marine and nuclear industries.

JPB Système is heardquartered in France where the Lockwireless technology has been developed and manufactured to provide our customers with the highest level of innovation and quality. In addition a subsidiary has been developed in United States to better service our customers and provide a solid base for expanding into new markets.

Advantages for our customers

The Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices are used in place of lock wires or safety wire, tab washers, cotter pins or any other method of fastening fitting or borescope plugs.

All the Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices are designed to endure and withstand intense conditions generated by vibrations, extreme temperatures and chemical effects. The simplicity of use, longevity and quality of the product increase cost effectiveness and safety.

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JPB Système is member of the cluster ASTECH and the French Aerospace Industries Association GIFAS and is supported by:

Product Lines

JPB Système offers a wide spectrum of Lockwireless Anti-Rotational Devices, which are based on our industry proven patented technologies.

Customer Support

JPB Système strives for complete customer satisfaction by designing and developing specific devices for unique needs and specifications.

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